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Lifestyle Consulting FAQ

Q. I want to know, what is Lifestyle Consulting?

A. As a Lifestyle Consultant, I help clients improve different aspects of their lives, such as mental, emotional & physical. My duties include assessing your current lifestyle choices, discussing your goals and what changes are needed to make, and providing helpful tips. Essentially a Lifestyle Consultant can be many things - However the type of Lifestyle Consultant The Deb Standard is about being your guide to helping you achieve your best life from the inside out.



Q. I’m ready to start my journey, what’s my first step?

A. How exciting! We begin with application to match you with the right fit for your journey via here Lifestyle Consulting Application



Q. I'm not ready quite yet to start my journey, I'd like to find out more first.

A. Of Course, head over to book your complimentary Discovery Call today. 



Q. How much time per week will be dedicated to Lifestyle Consulting?

A. Our calls will be about 60-90 mins in length and some of the weeks may require homework that will take you about an additional hour (give or take). I do recommend setting aside some time for reflection.



Q. When are your consulting hours?

A. Current consulting hours vary, please feel free to Get In Touch for us to coordinate the best time for your journey. 



Q. Do you offer hourly consulting sessions?

A. The Deb Lifestyle Experience offers a full day 1-1 Lifestyle Consulting session including my Travel Experiences service for the The Deb Standard Experience.



Still have additional questions? Feel free to contact me at for assistance.

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