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with Deb for a full day of consulting & experiences


Email & text for accountability to support you on your journey


Exploring & Discovering new experiences enrichening your life


Two private follow up sessions via zoom plus one final session


Elevating You Through Travel

What if your next vacation helped you discover your authentic self? The Deb Standard is all about Elevating Life's Caliber from the inside out. We believe travel is a source of that transformation. 


We will cultivate an itinerary to bring about growths putting you in areas of comforts and discomforts, challenging our limitations, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Broadening our perspectives, creating deeper connections, strengthening our identity, and providing personal insight, direction and focus. 


Each journey is hosted in a destination tailored with unique experiences. Unlike traditional travels we will pair exhilarating activities, cultural experiences with meaningful conversations. 

The Deb Standard orchestrates an environment to explore the world while discovering vulnerability, encourages openness and uncovering your best self. 

An experience unlike no other . Offering you a personalized one on one day with Deb of consulting, discovering, exploring and planning your path towards an Elevated Caliber Lifestyle. 

This experience offers you the best combination of my Travel Experiences & Lifestyle Consulting Services fully customized for you.


Discover Your Purpose

A life without purpose is like a ship without the north star. Are you longing for more purpose in your life, but don’t know how to get it? 


Our purpose brings our direction, light, and meaning towards the day to days. This journey is curated to help you discover what your purpose is and how to begin living a life driven towards fulfillment.

Finding Your Lux

Luxury, wealth, an elite lifestyle is within your reach. Our relationship with money can take away from how we enjoy our lives.


Together we will uncover the keys on how to obtain the luxury lifestyle we each desire while being savvy consumers.

360 Journey

This 360 life coaching program is for those looking to submerge in a full journey transformation. It encompasses personal development in seven key areas. If you’re looking for an in depth life coach this is the journey for you.



"Deb provided me with an amazing journey of self discovery and rediscovery. This was an entire day focused and designed around me with Deb unique vision and talent for curating.


Every location was a new experience yet I felt at home, happy and comfortable in every location as we went on a simulations adventure while working on my personal development.


I left feeling confident, encouraged, rejuvenated and empowered to continue to grow and be my best self. I look forward to recommending this and doing it again as we are ever growing beings."

Image by Hector Ramon Perez


"Deb has to be one of the most organised people I’ve ever met. Her ability to research and curate incredible experiences tailored to what I specifically liked was beyond me!!!

Her warm, welcoming energy and smile lights up any room she walks in to. I feel so blessed to have travelled with Deb on 3 different occasions.. I’m from London in the U.K. and often travel to the states and I must say Deb is my GO TO whenever it comes to finding the best picture perfect locations or the best happy hour or brunch spots...


I learnt so many incredible things about myself whilst being on various journeys with Deb and I’m so grateful to have such fond memories on my travels with her.



I cannot wait to book another Deb Travel Experience!!"

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel


"Since I met Deb I noticed there was something different in her.. and I was not wrong.


As time went by an incredible light in her arose in our conversations. The accuracy of her advices and the subjacent kindness in her words.


I discovered in Deb a beautiful person, who's faithful to the bone.


Not just that, but someone who has an inner coach inside, who is clever, intuitive and creative.


I cannot be anything but be grateful by being not just heard but coached by her in our talks that have been so impactful in very specific moments of my life.


Where she's shown me with outstanding wisdom, clarity, and the way to go."

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