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Taste of Colombia

8 Days 8 Nights

Journey Investment - 5874

About Our Journey

This grand trip lets you experience the highlights of this beautiful vibrant Latin American country. You’ll get to experience two of its iconic cities as well as enjoy the elevated wonder of El Peñón.


Our Venture will begin in the iconic city of Medellin. It is now one of Colombia’s most exciting cities and you will see first hand its transformation.


Our next stop is historic town of Guatapé. It’s known for its houses decorated with colorful bas-reliefs. It sits by the vast, man-made Peñol-Guatapé Reservoir. We will take our ventures to new heights as we embrace the voyage up El Peñón.


The final stop is the coastal city of Cartagena. Undeniably Caribbean, It is filled with colorful houses, the sound of music drifts through the air and street overflows with fruit and sweet coconut candy.


As we explore its picturesque streets you'll soon learn why we've nicknamed Cartagena "The City of Roars"


Open Departure Bookings

 Mar 1st - May 1st  2022


Double Occupancy - Two travelers per room

Rooms are priced at Double Occupancy 

Ideal For

Exhilarating Fun

Adventure Seekers

Fast Paced Discoverers

Travelers Welcomed 

Solo Ladies & Gents

Friends Ladies & Gents

Up to 6 Travelers - 2ppl Minimum

Ages 25+

Day 1: Arrival in Medellin

Welcome to Medellin! Arrive in the morning/early afternoon and a private transfer will pick you up. We'll be ready to greet you at our accommodations.  Unpack, relax, settle in and why not explore a nearby bar? In the afternoon we'll meet for the official welcome and you'll get to know your fellow travelers  then head over for a savory dining experience.

Day 2: Falling for The City

Today we're headed to see the sights! Our journey will take us to uncover the rich history of this iconic city. We will uncover the Phoenix aches it has risen above to becoming the city it is today. 

Day 3: Leisure & Travel Photoshoot 

Today you will be able to enjoy the city at your own pace. Soak up the sun by the pool, grab a refreshing limonada & most of all get those iconic Travel Photos. 

Day 4: Off The Beaten - Guatapé

We will embark as we are transported to a whole new world of experience. Today we will explore the elevated wonder of El Peñón & the historically charming town of Guatape. 

Day 5: Cultivating Ventures

We will connect with our destination by visiting one of the regions infamous coffee or chocolate farms. Learning first hand how it is cultivated, while sampling the fruits of our labor. 

Day 6: Jet to Cartagena

Today we're hopping on our flight to our next venture to the coastal Caribbean city of Cartagena. The most romantic city in Colombia is Cartagena; a UNESCO world's heritage site where the history is preserved by the widest stone wall in South America.

Day 7: Uncovering The City of Roars 

Today we're headed to see the sights! Our journey will take us to uncover the beautiful things that made me fall in love with this city. From its stunning architecture, colorful homes & rooftop views, to a rich history. We will taste iconic dishes, walk the cobblestone streets, and dive into the depths this city holds. 

Day 8: Farewell Experience 

All good things must come to an end, and the time has come to say goodbye.  We will enjoy  one final  Elevated Experience before we'll part ways for you to begin your journey home with all the amazing experiences you've lived. 

Journey Standard Includes


We will be staying in Lux & Ultra-Lux accommodations throughout all our Ventures. Offering modern amenities, designs & comforts. All to ensure they meet The Deb Standard. 


Hassle free in arriving to our accommodations & ventures


Bespoke experiences to submerge us in the culture & cities


Our journey is filled with growth stimulating conversations


Helping you capture those unforgettable moments

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