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Ventures with Deb

Welcome To The Journey


We want to thank you for your interest in joining our Ventures with Deb. Your support is what this is all about - helping you Elevate YOUR Journey. 

Our experiences together will promote exposure to new cultures, elevated conversations & transformative experiences to fuel you towards growth. 

Let's Begin! 

Are you 25 yrs or older?
Are you fully vaccinated againts COVID-19
Have you received your booster? (Destinations *may* put a 9 month time limit on vaccine validity)
What Venture are you registering for?
What's your international travel experience?
How did you hear about our Ventures?
I understand my passport & any necessary visas must be up to date for up to 6 months from our journey dates. A digital copy of my passport is to be submited within 48hrs of acceptance.
Our Ventures with Deb is curated experience for likeminded individuals focusing on personal growth, lifestyle elevation & discoveries. Our goal is to create a community where we are able to learn, support & grow together towards becoming the best versions of ourselves from the inside out. We ask every Discoverer to read, understand & agree to the following before we embark on our journey together
I have read through the details shared on Ventures with Deb page & everything looks good to me.
I understand that unforseen last minute changes to the journey are possible. I understand The Deb Standard will communicate those changes as quickly as possible.
We are excited to connect & grow with diverse people of backgrounds & cultures. I agree to be an active participant in creating a community.
My mindset is open to immerse myself in the destination we will be discovering & encouraging my fellow Discoverers to do the same as we create memories together.
By requesting to register you are agreeing to pay your non-refundable $770 deposit within 48hrs of acceptance. Full payment is due 30 days prior to departure date. If you request to register but do not intend to join our journey, your name will be flagged for future Ventures with Deb.
I understand it mandatory to purchase travel insurance within 48 hours of acceptance or my place will be given to the next in line.
Every person planning to join our journey must personally register for themselves. If you have additional Discoverers, please ensure they have this link and register ASAP
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