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Rainforest Escape - Costa Rica

5 Days 5 Nights / 8 Days 8 Nights

Journey Investment -  Starting 4250

About Our Journey

Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish, and nothing could ring truer of this Central American country. Costa Rica boasts astounding biological diversity and landscapes of active volcanoes, cloud forests, sparkling beaches and tropical rainforests.


We'll explore Costa Rica's Arenal region from 15 hanging bridges suspended above the trees and enjoy a breathtaking view of the active Arenal Volcano from our hotel.  Then cross over to learn about the region of Monteverde — home to Costa Rica's lush Cloud Forest Reserve. More than 400 bird species and 1,500 plant species thrive in the Cloud Forest, which you discover in the company of an expert naturalist.


Together we will explore the soul of this beautiful country while uncovering our own heartbeat of what make us unique.


Open Departure Bookings

April 1st - November 1st  2022

Ideal For

Curious Thrill Seekers

Nature & Adrenaline Lovers

Fun Paced Discoverers


Double Occupancy - Two travelers per room

Rooms are priced at Double Occupancy 

Travelers Welcomed 

Solo Ladies & Gents

Friends Ladies & Gents

Up to 6 Travelers - 4ppl Minimum

Ages 25+

Day 1: Arrival in San Juan

Welcome to the Pura Vida ! Arrive in the morning for our private transfer with our group. We'll be ready to greet you at the airport.  Get ready to hit the road as we make our journey into the heart of Costa Rica filled with discoveries along the way. Who says roadtrips cant be fun?!

Day 2: La Fortuna

Today we're headed to explore the eco-lush gifts Costa Rica has to offer. Our Ventures are guaranteed to leave you hanging with anticipation! 

Day 3: Scenic Escapes 

Today you will be able to enjoy take a scenic ride  to one of the most untouched national areas in the world. We will embrace natures element as we sleep among the forest. 

Day 4: Soulful Heatbeats

The true heartbeat to any country is its people. We will learn with locals their stories, passions & share our own journeys with a unique hands-on experience. 

Day 5: Epic Views

One of the most gratifying points in any journey is achieving our Mountain Top views of success & accomplishments. To complete our journey we challenge ourselves to the rewards which has been in our hands this entire time. 

Journey Standard Includes


We will be staying in Lux & Ultra-Lux accommodations throughout all our Ventures. Offering modern amenities, designs & comforts. All to ensure they meet The Deb Standard. 


Hassle free in arriving to our accommodations & ventures


Bespoke experiences to submerge us in the culture & cities


Our journey is filled with growth stimulating conversations


Helping you capture those unforgettable moments

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