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Travel Experiences

Experiencing The Journey of Discoveries

What if your next vacation helped you discover your authentic self while making new connections? The Deb Standard is all about Elevating Life's Caliber from the inside out. We believe travel is a source of that transformation. 


We cultivate itineraries to bring about growths putting you in areas of comforts and discomforts, challenging our limitations, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Broadening our perspectives, creating deeper connections, strengthening our identity, and providing personal insight, direction and focus. 


Each journey is hosted in a destination tailored with unique experiences. Unlike traditional travels we will pair exhilarating activities, cultural experiences with meaningful conversations. 

Join me for the opportunity to Discover with Deb!


Insider Knowledge

We  all know a locals point of view can be that much more insightful than a mere travel company selling you things which they haven't lived. I am your eyes and ears on the ground. With a specialty in finding local insider information in top cities in the USA & around the world.

Experiencing The Standard

As a seasoned traveler, I have experienced my share of restaurants, hotels, tours and so much more. All promising to deliver a great experience. However, as many of you know that is not always the case. One of my goals is to set a new standard for you to enjoy your experiences by providing you with hand selected experiences which pass my crafted rating scale. 

Each experience is vetted based on quality, service, value, uniqueness, ambiance and overall experience. 

Elite Rating

3 Stars

Provide the expectation you expect. They are steady and reliable. 

Grand Rating

4 Stars

Giving you a glimpse of all the great things one would want plus a splash more. They entice you for more with the more to come possibilities. 

The Deb Rating

5 Stars

Going  above and beyond. They create magical experiences elevating The Standard. They show up and show out!

Travel Expertise

With over 10 years of travel experience and visiting over 30+ countries, 75 + cities across the globe and counting I have lived the journey to guide you to where to go and what to do for the ultimate journey at your destinations. 


Hassle free in arriving to our accommodations & ventures


Bespoke experiences to submerge us in the culture & cities


Our journey is filled with growth stimulating conversations


Helping you capture those unforgettable moments



"Deb provided me with an amazing journey of self discovery and rediscovery. This was an entire outing focused and designed around me with Deb unique vision and talent for curating.


Every location was a new experience yet I felt at home, happy and comfortable in every location as we went on a simulations adventure while working on my personal development.


I left feeling confident, encouraged, rejuvenated and empowered to continue to grow and be my best self. I look forward to recommending this and doing it again as we are ever growing beings."

Image by Hector Ramon Perez


Deb has to be one of the most organised people I’ve ever met. Her ability to research and curate incredible experiences tailored to what I specifically liked was beyond me!!!

Her warm, welcoming energy and smile lights up any room she walks in to. I feel so blessed to have travelled with Deb on 3 different occasions.. I’m from London in the U.K. and often travel to the states and I must say Deb is my GO TO whenever it comes to finding the best picture perfect locations or the best happy hour or brunch spots...


I learnt so many incredible things about myself whilst being on various journeys with Deb and I’m so grateful to have such fond memories on my travels with her.



I cannot wait to book another Deb Travel Experience!!

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel


Deb is your gal if you want to have an amazing, planned, and carefully thought out travel experience.


She knows where all the great photo op locations are around town, she'll take you to the hippest bars, breakfast spots, and restaurants that only locals know about, and she's great company to have. It's noticable how much she researches each location before the trip and how much thought and planning goes into each day on your itinerary. Deb even has backup plans for the travel plans, and backup plans to the backup plans. Some would say she's the Batman of travel planning.


I've had the pleasure of traveling with Deb on several occasions around the US such as Chicago and NYC, and it's always a hit planning your travel with her. If you're traveling on a budget, she also helps to find cost effective ways to get around town without spending an arm and a leg.

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