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Travel Experiences FAQ

Q. Where can our Lifestyle Experiences take place?

A. Our Lifestyle Experience can take place in any city (within continental USA). If you'd like to book a Lifestyle Ventures we are able to accommodate for travels outside of the USA (3 days minimum). 

Q. What will our Lifestyle Experience encompass?

A. It will be a full day of experiences, elevated conversations & one night accommodations to have you soak up all our personal development we obtained throughout our day together. Each experiences we embark on is to help you get in & out of your comfort zones. 


Q. What do I need to prepare for our Lifestyle Experience?

A. The first step is to fill out our Lifestyle Form which will give us the starting point of your desired goals of our time together. Once completed we will have a Discovery Call to discuss your current challenges. Having an open heart & mind will be key to your success throughout our experience. 


Q. Can my Lifestyle Experience be for more than one day?

A. Yes, we can coordinate to have a Lifestyle Venture which will encompass a multi-day journey to truly go deeper in gaining those elevated levels we seek. These Ventures can be coordinated for outside of the USA (3 days minimum). 


Q. Can we do Lifestyle Experiences with friends or family?

A. Yes, we offer up to 6 people Lifestyle Ventures - taking the same directions of personal elevation collectively as a group working together to achieve our new levels (3 days minimum). 


Q. Do you book hotels & flights?

A. We will coordinate all accommodations, experiences & local (intern) flights & transportations. Flights to our destination is to be coordinated separately by our clients. 

Q. Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

A. Yes, Travel insurance is necessary for all Travel Experiences coordinate with us. 

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. If trips needs to be canceled for any COVID 19 reasons, we will reschedule the itinerary to a future date OR your funds will be applied to a future trip. Cancellations for any other circumstances need to be reviewed on an individualized basis as described within your mandatory travel insurance policy provisions.

Still have additional questions? Feel free to Contact us for assistance

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