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Experiencing The Standard

As seasoned travelers, we have experienced our share of restaurants, hotels, tours and so much more. All promising to deliver a great experience. However, as many of you know that is not always the case. One of our goals is to set a new standard for you to enjoy your experiences by providing you with hand selected experiences which pass our crafted rating scale. 

Each experience is vetted based on quality, service, value, uniqueness, ambiance and overall experience. 

Elite Rating

3 Stars

Provide the expectation you expect. They are steady and reliable. 

Grand Rating

4 Stars

Giving you a glimpse of all the great things one would want plus a splash more. They entice you for more with the more to come possibilities. 

The Deb Rating

5 Stars

Going  above and beyond. They create magical experiences elevating The Standard. They show up and show out!

Travel Expertise

With over 10 years of travel experience and visiting over 20+ countries, 75 + cities across the globe and counting we have lived the journey to guide you to where to go and what to do for the ultimate journey at your destinations. 

Insider Knowledge

We  all know a locals point of view can be that much more insightful than a mere travel company selling you things which they haven't lived. We are your eyes and ears on the ground. With a specialty in finding local insider information in top cities in the USA.

Traveler Profiles

Each person is unique. Traveling is no exception. We've curated the top 3 travel profiles for you to travel in your unique style. 

The Explorer

The person who enjoys their travels to be all about discovering as you go. They arrive at a new destination open to exploring with little to no set plans. Open arms to all and any adventure. 

The Planner

All about those itineraries. They love knowing exactly what is in store for them. Building up to all the excitement of their adventures ahead. 

The Discoverer

Best of both worlds. Learning about all the wonders of their destination and embracing the possibilities that come with being present in their new destination. 

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